Smooth Sailing For Your Tipi Event

So, you’ve chosen to hire a TipiKata Tipi for your event… probably because just like us; you love them!

Our Tipis are pretty special, and although they’re tough and practical (like lots of things from Sweden), they need a little looking after to help them work as well as they’re designed to.

Set Up

It’s amazing how a venue can be transformed once one or more giant tipis are erected on site! If you, or your Tipi Warden (see below) can be on site to meet our crew for set up that would be fantastic.

Our expert crew will arrive at your venue one or two days before your event and as close to the agreed set up time as possible (set up times may vary due to weather or the vagaries of the traffic… things that are out of our control). We will have previously discussed the location of your tipi, having taken into account what looks nice and where the ground is flattest (so that your tables, and guests don’t get too wobbly).

Like any outdoor event, weather plays a big role. If the weather is predicted to be hot (like 40 degrees) or windy, we will need to start set up as early as possible – try wrestling a 90-kilo canvas over a 5meter frame when it’s hot and windy! We monitor the weather very carefully before set up & during the rental period, and we will be in contact with you or your Tipi Warden if any nasty weather is predicted.

If there are high winds forecast, the Tipis need to have all openings close – think umbrella in high winds! This will make the Tipi more stable and will keep you and your guests, comfortable and warm inside. In very severe winds – tree branches snapping, shed rooves flaying around type winds – the Tipis should be evacuated. As wind can be very localized even when we monitor the wind, it can vary. But, with all that being said, in all our years we have only once had a tipi evacuated.

Tipi Warden

Upon completion of set up, we will discuss with you how to open and close the sides of the tipi. We understand the guests of honour are often far too busy for this to be of concern (and quite reasonably so), so it’s fantastic if a friend or relative can be present for this! Let’s call this kind soul your Tipi Warden!

When we set up the Tipi we will fit raising poles that allow that sides (that we have previously agreed upon) to be opened and closed. When we finish your set up, we will close these sides down making sure the tipis are secure against the weather… or wandering wombats! And, subject to the whims of the weather on the day of your event, your Tipi Warden will be able to raise the side of your Tipi – ready for your event to begin!

Upon completion of the event the sides of the Tipi MUST be closed and secured in case the wind picks up overnight. This is extremely important!

Pack Down

We get it – you’ve had a great time… the Tipi Warden is on a plane back to Wollongong and you don’t want to think about pack down. Well, you don’t have too! On the nominated day, at the designated time, our friendly crew will be back to pack down.

The only thing we ask of you is that all non-TipiKata items are removed from the Tipi by this time. All the fantastic styling, the gorgeous floral chandelier, the leftover over food, the giant paella dishes, the empty glass bottles and any sleeping uncles are to be removed before our crew arrive for pack down.


Of course if you have any questions at any time, let us know. We totally get that this is a very exciting, and sometimes very stressful time, but we’re here to help!