I love the tipis! What do I need to do next?

Give us a call or click here and fill out a form, we will prepare a quote based on your needs. If needed we can organise a site visit to measure up, check vehicle access, site suitability and power availability. With a deposit to secure your booking your Tipis are locked in for your event!  Once all the details are sorted, which may take a few chats to get it just right, we will send you a client confirmation form to check and return.  We can create a bespoke floor plan for you and a few weeks before the big day, we contact you to confirm all the logistics like set up and take down times. Two weeks prior to the event, the balance payment is due. We set up the Tipis on the agreed day, then the tipis are all yours to decorate and style ready for your celebration. One to two days after the event we come back and take everything away, leaving your site just as we found it.

How many tipis will I need for my event?

Each giant tipi can accommodate up to 70 seated guests. By joining any number of tipis together, we can create larger covered spaces. We can design a tipi arrangement and floor plan to ensure that you have the right amount of space for your event.

When will the tipis be set up for my event?

We will make sure your tipis are set up at least one day before your event. We can work with you and your venue to ensure everybody is happy with times and will always endeavour to meet any venue requirements. We always ensure that our impact on the ground is minimal.

Where can the tipis be erected?

Each individual tipi requires a level surface of a minimum of 13 meters in diameter, free from overhead trees, power lines and other obstructions. To safely secure and anchor the tipis, metal stakes need to be driven into firm ground.

Can we raise or lower the sides on the tipis ourselves?

We will consult with you and check the weather forecast leading up to your event. The forecast conditions will determine how many sides will be raised on the day of your event and our crew will raise or lower the sides at set up accordingly. We usually leave the Tipis totally closed and when our crew leave we show a designated “tipi Monitor” how to open and close the nominated openings.

Can we use the tipis in winter?

Yes. Because of the design origins of our tipis, they can handle all types of extreme weather conditions. The tipis are inspired by the kata tents used by the Sami people of Lapland, who endured the harshest of climates. Our tipis stand strong in the elements, with open log fires they withstand chilly temperatures and will keep you snug and warm.

How do I organise power for my tipis?

We recommend that tipis be erected within 20 metres of a power source for lights, AV or catering requirements. Whilst we do not provide an alternative power source if you choose a location where that isn’t possible, we can advise and point you in the direction of experienced people that can help with this.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question here, just give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to talk about your individual requirements for your next event.