Some Hints on Planning An Awesome Outdoor Event!

This piece was written for Ballarat Bride's Wedding Mag in April 2014

Outdoor weddings have been rising in popularity over the last few years; mainly driven by couples’ desire to have a more relaxed weddings as well as trying to keep a lid on costs. Other drivers include the desire to create a truly unique occasion for their special days. This can be achieved by opting for something a little bit different such as a tipi, when looking at shelter options.

Outdoor events are generally a more relaxed affair and with a bit of foresight and planning they can also end up being a really rewarding experience with family and friends. The key is in the planning and preparation.

Here’s a short checklist of some important things to think about before you start planning your outdoor event;

1. Book your location, Caterer and Shelter – This should really be at the top of your list when you have decided that an outdoor event is right for you.

2. What’s your wedding event style? Whether or not you choose to go with an outdoor theme for your wedding will depend on what sort of person you are. Do you love the outdoors or does the thought of being outside for your wedding send you into conniptions. Both really important questions to ask before you start planning for the big day!

3. Who’s going to do the decorating? Planning the theme and style of your event can be time consuming and challenging  if decorating is not one of your strong points! Bringing in a wedding planner/decorator is a good option for some whilst others relish the thought of DIY and creating the wedding they want.

4. Inclement Weather – Make sure you plan for both best case and worse case scenarios when it comes to weather.

5. Too much to organise – You can opt for a wedding organiser or enlist help from family and friends, if you can!

6. Choosing the Right Suppliers – Having the right supplier can make all the difference to your day. Work with people you like and trust.

Depending on your personal style there are number of alternatives for outdoor shelters. Tipis are relatively new to the events industry and are fast becoming a popular option for outdoor weddings. A unique feature of the tipis is the ability to heat them with a special indoor fireplace, which had been made specifically for the tipis.This means that oudoor weddings are not just for the warmer months of the year but can also be for the cooler ones. People are often surprised how warm it actually gets inside the tipis with the fireplace. All pluses for winter wedding celebrations.

Rain or shine here are some hints to make sure that your guests are comfortable and that your day is a success.

  1. Blankets/Wraps in case the weather is cool.
  2. Appropriate footwear – not stilettos. Although as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water…
  3. Parasols for hot weather – keep the sun off your guests.
  4. Wedding program on a fan – help for guests to stay cool and informed.
  5. Water for hydration – bottles of water in ice buckets for warm days and avoiding the extra excitement of people fainting during the ceremony.