Another fun season!

Wow what a wonderful ride!

For those who have been waiting since LAST AUGUST for an update to the seriously infrequent Tipikata blog, I apologise. I was going to say something about holding your breath waiting for an update – but realised that would be awkward. It isn’t good enough, but my actual and genuine excuse is that the whole TK team has been bloomin busy taking our travelling tipis all over Victoria. Also in my defence, while it mightn’t be a complete substitute, there have been a few Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest updates. Which, just quietly, we are really pleased to hear your comments about. If you haven’t looked and liked – feel free.

We have had a blast. Who knew tipis could be this much fun? We have travelled to some of the most beautiful spots in the state. From up on the Murray River to Phillip Island and every where in between. We are so lucky to share magic sites with our clients and tipis.

Phil, our extraordinary Chief of Staff and Master Tipi Wrangler (some call him ‘CosMaTiWran’, but not very many. And personally I don’t find it very catchy) has done another amazing job through the busy 14/15 summer season. Our fantastic clients have given us lots of feedback about how great Phil has been at steering the truck, the trailer, the tipis and the team the length and breadth of this wide brown land to bring tipi perfection to as many of you as we can. All our team members (lets see, Aiden, Alex, Brendan, Bam, Charlie, Dan, David, Dylan, Lisa, Owen, Tall Phil, Simone …phew) have done a great job of pitching (get it?) in.

As the season gets a little quieter now, it will give us some time to do new site visits for next seasons jobs and on the home front repair the hen house, pickle the 2015 olives, check if the children remember us – and cook up some extra pizzazz for the coming season. Oh, and keep the blog up to date.